Bankruptcy and Divorce Attorneys

Our law firm assists clients with issues related to bankruptcy and divorce. As a law firm that handles many divorce cases, we know how bankruptcy can be used in divorce planning. Some of the issues that arise during divorce include: child support obligations, timing of divorce and bankruptcy, whether property settlements are affected by bankruptcy, and whether alimony can be discharged.

Issues related to business bankruptcies also arise frequently during divorce, as do questions about responsibility for marital debt. When going through a divorce, it is very helpful for the attorneys that represent you in your bankruptcy to fully understand the divorce process.

Our Divorce Division

Our firm has a divorce division that concentrates in representing people in divorces which allows us to collaborate either with an attorney in our firm handling your divorce or your existing divorce attorney.

Bankruptcy and Divorce Help

Contact us at 708-381-5426 to learn more about our Illinois law firm and how our lawyers help clients start their financial lives again through bankruptcy. As a full service law firm, we are also able to help clients with legal matters that may not have a bankruptcy component.