Oak Forest Bankruptcy Attorney

For over 65 years, Urban & Burt, Ltd. has been helping Oak Forest and Midlothian area residents with their legal problems including bankruptcy, foreclosure and other financial difficulties. As the oldest law firm in Oak Forest we have been helping residents seeking a local bankruptcy attorney. There is no need to travel to downtown Chicago to seek skilled professional help, or settle for the strip mall mass marked late night TV bankruptcy attorney.

Free Bankruptcy Consultation in our Oak Forest Illinois office

At Urban & Burt, Ltd., you can receive a free consultation at our office on the fifth floor of the 5320 W. 159th Street building.  Every bankruptcy or financial issue client will meet with Edmund G. Urban III the firm’s head of the Bankruptcy and Reorganization Division. Ed’s over 35 years of bankruptcy experience ensures that your situation is analyzed by a skilled bankruptcy lawyer not a paralegal or first year law graduate. Not only does Ed’s practice involve consumer Chapter 7 and more complex Chapter 13 reorganizations, but he also handles very complex Chapter 11 reorganizations for business or individuals who exceed the Chapter 13 debt limit.

At your initial free bankruptcy consultation, you will be asked to bring in a list of all your debts, copies of recent pay stubs, and any legal documents you have received such as foreclosure or collection complaints or other court documents. He will prepare a monthly budget and analyze whether you qualify for a discharge of your debts under Chapter 7 or require a Chapter 13 because of your income level. The complexities of the 2005 Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act known as BAPCPA require that a skilled bankruptcy attorney complete a means test to determine eligibility for relief under the various provisions of the Bankruptcy Code.

Stop Repossession or Foreclosure with a Chapter 13 at our Oak Forest Law office

If you are facing foreclosure or repossession of a vehicle, a Chapter 13 reorganization can stop those actions and provide a plan to repay your delinquent secured debt and between 5% and 100% of your unsecured debt over a period of between 36 to 60 months.

If you just have overwhelming credit card debt and have limited equity in a home or vehicle or other property, the skilled bankruptcy lawyers at the Oak Forest law firm of Urban & Burt, Ltd. can determine if you qualify for a straight Chapter 7 to discharge those debts. We believe that the fresh start guaranteed by the United Sates Constitution is an important thing that every individual overwhelmed by debt should be able to take advantage of those rights. It is important to fully review each situation in order to achieve the best result for each client.

Whether you are an individual seeking bankruptcy protection or a small business or a corporation with millions of dollars of annual revenues, Urban & Burt, Ltd. has experience solving those problems.

Free Bankruptcy Consultation with an Oak Forest Bankruptcy Attorney

Call for your free consultation with a highly experienced individual and business bankruptcy attorney at 708–381–5426, or fill out our contact form above.