Skilled Orland Park Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Lawyer

Facing financial problems is a difficult problem for many Orland Park, Illinois residents. Difficulty paying rising credit card balances, catching up on back mortgage payments and even back taxes faces many residents of Orland Park. With Orland Park residents having a median household income of over $78,000, a skilled bankruptcy attorney must carefully analyze family size and income to be sure you can qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Under the provisions of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005, commonly known as BAPCPA that law makes it harder for middle class debtors to file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7. However, we are able to look at your individual situation to determine if you qualify for a Chapter 7 or must file a Chapter 13 reorganization. Under Chapter 13, we would develop a plan to pay anywhere between 5% and 100% of your unsecured debt. The percentage to be repaid depends on your income level and ability to pay as well as the amount of un-exempted assets you own.

The complexities of the bankruptcy code require a skilled attorney to analyze your individual situation to find the best way for you to get relief from the courts and discharge the maximum amount of debt.

Free Bankruptcy Consultation with an Experienced Orland Park Bankruptcy Attorney

For over 35 years, Edmund G. Urban III has headed the Urban & Burt, Ltd. Bankruptcy and Reorganization department. He has concentrated in assisting residents of Orland Park and surrounding communities such as Tinley Park, Palos Park, Homer Glen, Oak Forest as well as throughout the Chicago area navigate their way through the complex bankruptcy laws.

If you live in Orland Park or the surrounding communities, there is no need to travel to downtown Chicago or to go to one of the strip mall mass market firms to get bankruptcy help.

At Urban & Burt, Ltd., you will be able to consult with Edmund G. Urban III for a free 1/2 hour consultation to discuss your financial difficulties. If it is a pending foreclosure, back income tax liabilities or just massive credit card debt, he will assess your situation and chart out a course of action to get you back on the right track. Unlike the mass market “bankruptcy mills” that advertise on TV, you will always speak at your initial conference with a seasoned professional not a first year law graduate or untrained paralegal. There is no substitute for experience.

Whether your case involves a business reorganization for an Orland Park based business under Chapter 11, a personal reorganization to save a home from back taxes or foreclosure, or a Chapter 7 to discharge credit card debt, Urban & Burt, Ltd. is here to help. You will work with the highly skilled team at Urban & Burt, Ltd., out of their office located on 159th Street between Central Avenue and Cicero Avenue in Oak Forest, a less than 15 minute ride from all areas of Orland Park. There is no need to travel downtown to get skilled bankruptcy assistance.

Orland Park Business Bankruptcy Attorney

Many individuals living in Orland Park or the surrounding towns operate businesses that may need the assistance of a business Bankruptcy lawyer. Whether the business is a ma and pa sole proprietorship or a corporation or LLC with over $20 Million in annual sales, Edmund G. Urban III and Urban & Burt, Ltd. have helped thousands of individuals and businesses over the past 35 years fix their financial difficulties and re-organize their financial affairs.

Free Bankruptcy Consultation with an Orland Park Bankruptcy Attorney

At Urban & Burt, Ltd., we offer a free 1/2 hour consultation where Ed will use his over 35 years of bankruptcy experience to analyze your specific financial situation and make his recommendations as to what course of action should be taken to maximize your financial recovery. We are located just 4 minutes from the east side of Orland Park on 159th Street between Central Avenue and Cicero Avenue.  Call us today at 708–381–5426 or fill out our contact form above to schedule your free consultation.