Business and Personal Bankruptcy Lawyers

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Our attorneys at Urban & Burt, Ltd., offer representation and counsel to clients seeking relief under the Bankruptcy Code. Led by Edmund G. Urban III, a lawyer with 35 years of legal experience, we represent businesses and individuals in three primary bankruptcy areas:

We urge clients to view bankruptcy as a fresh start endorsed by the drafters of the United States Constitution. Bankruptcy is a long-established right; individuals or businesses considering this option should not view bankruptcy with shame or embarrassment. Medical bills and illness, lawsuits, divorce, economic downturns and tax disputes are common and legitimate reasons for filing for bankruptcy. Many famous Americans and nationally known businesses have filed for bankruptcy, including U.S. presidents Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, William McKinley and Harry Truman.

Issues in Bankruptcy

Our bankruptcy representation includes answering clients’ questions about the legal process, available options and their legal rights. This includes addressing matters such as:

These and other debt-related issues are part of the entire financial picture that must be considered when determining the right bankruptcy strategy for a particular client. Our lawyers‘ goal is to provide the best bankruptcy representation possible so that clients obtain the relief they need to make a fresh start. As a full service law firm, we are also able to help clients with legal matters that may not have a bankruptcy component.

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