Experienced Tinley Park Bankruptcy Attorney

Tinley Park residents facing financial difficulties have a resource to discuss their problems with a skilled bankruptcy attorney in the Tinley Park area. It’s not necessary to travel to downtown Chicago to discuss your options for a Chapter 7, 13 or 11.

For over 65 years, Urban & Burt, Ltd., with offices on 159th Street in Oak Forest, have provided access to skilled bankruptcy help. The Bankruptcy department is headed by Edmund G. Urban III with over 35 years handling consumer Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases as well as business Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 reorganizations.

Free Consultation with a Tinley Park Bankruptcy Lawyer

Every client will have an opportunity for a free 1/2 hour consultation with Mr. Urban. He will use his over 35 years of experience to fully analyze your specific issues and develop a course of action for the bankruptcy team at Urban & Burt, Ltd. to solve your complex financial issues.

At Urban & Burt, Ltd., we will guide Tinley Park residents through the bankruptcy process. We see far too many people from Tinley Park and surrounding communities like Orland Park, Frankfort and Mokena come through our doors seeking help to fix problems caused by unskilled lawyers giving poor advice. Don’t settle for advice from one of the large mass marketed firms where the client is just a number to the lawyer. At many of these firms, the client meets with a paralegal or a young lawyer just out of school, and never speaks with the same person twice. At Urban & Burt, Ltd., because we are a local firm dedicated to serving our clients’ needs, we ensure that you receive personal attention and get a fresh start and relief from your debts.

You will always meet with a skilled caring professional with over 35 years of Bankruptcy experience.

Stop Foreclosure save your Tinley Park home with a Chapter 13

Because the median income of Tinley Park households is over $80,000, somewhat higher than many other surrounding communities, we often see more clients that may require a Chapter 13 rather than a Chapter 7. The median income of households being somewhat higher may not allow individuals to file for Chapter 7 and may be required to file a Chapter 13 to repay all or a portion of their debts.

Additionally, since many Tinley Park Residents are homeowners, they may need to file a Chapter 13 in order to save their home from foreclosure. At our initial consultation, we will analyze your household size, income and expenses to determine what form of bankruptcy is best for you.

Reorganize your Tinley Park business and get out of debt

Many businesses located in the Tinley Park area also often face financial difficulties and are in need of consultations to sort out those difficulties. Many small businesses in Tinley Park are operated as sole proprietorship and may qualify for reorganizations under Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code. Over the past 35 years, Edmund G. Urban III has successfully been able to use Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code to solve financial issues for small businesses from owner operator truck drivers, plumbers, brick layers, carpenters, dentists, accountants, and even lawyers.

Filing for Chapter 11 can help even small businesses get out of debt

If the small business located in Tinley Park is incorporated, we have also used Chapter 11 to successfully reorganize the small business. We have experience working with simple small businesses to complex business bankruptcies for businesses with millions of dollars of assets and annual revenues over 20 million dollars.

Free Consultation with a local Bankruptcy Attorney

Our office provides a close by location to meet with a highly skilled and experienced Bankruptcy Attorney for residents and business located in Tinley Park. Our office on 159th Street between Cicero Avenue and Central Avenue is a ten minute drive for people in Tinley Park seeking the assistance of a skilled bankruptcy lawyer near them.

To schedule a free Bankruptcy consultation and learn how we can help navigate you through your financial troubles, contact us at 708–381–5426, or fill out the form on this page.